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Glamping aka Luxury Camping

What do you get by putting together “camping” and “glamorous”? Well, the result is "glamping", a unique form of luxury travel destinations. Glamping is one of the modern trends when it comes to tourists accommodation and it means spending your vacation in super-comfortable, luxurious tents. It is so amazing that only the textile walls reminds you that you are staying in a tent. It's like you were living in the the depths of nature with all the privileges of a beautiful, luxury hotel.

Camping holidays are not always the best option for those who hate bugs and wild animals. For people who love outdoors, the tent is their temporary house which doesn't really offers the necessary comfort for a relaxing holiday. You sometimes don't have all the necessary camping equipment to face sudden storms, insects or cooking matters.
Nevertheless, some of us have the chance to experience another type of camping that is becoming more and more popular. This is glamping, or the glamorous camping.

How did glamping appear

It is said that glamping first appeared in the early 1900’s, with the popularization of the safari camps in Africa meant for rich European and American travelers. They enjoyed all the adventure without giving up their comfortable life, staying in big, elegant tents, fully furnished, and having at their disposal chefs, guides and even butlers.

Nowadays, glamping seems to gain its popularity due to the open air concerts usually lasting more than one day. People going to these concerts gradually became more and more pretentious in matters of comfort, and since there were groups willing to satisfy their needs, glamping became a famous trend.

5-star tent resorts

Glamping means large tents, powered by solar electricity, in which sleeping bags are replaced by comfy beds, Persian rugs covering the floor, antique decorations, gadgets and sometimes internet and telephone. You can find this type of camps in the savanna, in the woods, or even in the desert.

Glamping can be found not only in Africa, but also in Europe, South America and USA and Canada. There are several possibilities when it comes to this type of accommodation, one of the best options being the 5-star tent camps, where prices top $1.000/day/person. A lot of these camps have ecological certifications and adopt eco-friendly projects for environmental protection.

There are resorts that offer tented accommodation for tourists with luxurious tents and services, from a 5-star cuisine to spas or any amenity one could ever imagine.
For those who prefer going on vacation with their own tent, the best solution is to adapt glamorous camping by incorporating glamping elements such as big, colorful tents, comfortable furniture, electrical plugs etc. And no matter your budget there is a glamping solution for every one!

You can spend your vacation in glamping resorts, located in Africa (Morroco), Asia (India), Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Norway, England, Wales), Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay) and Australia, offering you accommodation, amenities and service.

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