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Air-Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets can be quite a challenge if one doesn’t prepare good enough for it. Here are some tips and tricks which will help those who are not willing to travel around the world without their best friend, namely their beloved pet.

Usually, pets are allowed to travel by plane with their owners, in special conditions and a certain transportation policy that needs to be followed. Any airline one might choose to use when flying to a certain destination, there’s always a special section dedicated to all regulations regarding the transportation of animals one should be aware of. So, if you decide to take your pet on road trips or any type of journeys with you, both of you need to follow some basic rules. In order to apply and understand the rules properly, here are some tricks and tips which can be more than useful in the planning phase.

The pet’s Health and Basic Accessories

Before thinking about bringing your pet on an airplane, certain simple questions will help you decide whether it’s a good or a bad idea. Since normally our pets are used to play safely in secure homes, flying might be a rather harsh experience for them. Ask the following questions from yourself: Is your pet ready for this? Is the pet healthy enough?

Make sure you visit the veterinarian before going anywhere. Make sure the veterinarian provides you with a health certificate, in order to comply with all national, international and airport rules. Also, if your pet isn’t older enough, airports will deny your access with a pet on the board of the plane. The animal should be at least eight months old before his first flight.

Pets and Planes

There are three ways for your pet to travel by airplane, but you have to check first with the airline agency if carrying your pet is possible, some airlines don’t allow it.

  • In the cabin of the plane – in some cases, your pet might be traveling in the cabin of the airplane, if it fits into a carry-all kennel or as a luggage under the passenger seat. Of course, bad odors should be out of case, so is violent behavior.

  • As an accompanied baggage – you can sign your pet as accompanied baggage only you and your pet are traveling on the same flight; in this case, the pet will travel in the cargo hold right besides your already checked luggage.

  • As a live animal cargo – this is the most common option the airlines usually offer for pet traveling; the pet will be transported in the cargo system just like any other luggage or, in some cases, if available, by special delivery services created especially for this cases.

  • Make sure the kennel in which your pet will travel follows some simple rules regarding both for your pet’s well being while flying, and for the airport/airplane rules. It must be properly ventilated, securely closed, and with a clearly display of your name and address. The kennel should be comfortable; it should include food and water dishes, and contain an absorbent material. Another major rule is that the kennel displays labels on top and on its sides stating “Live Animals”, with large letters, easy to spot.

    The Security Screening

    After you have made sure your pet is ready for flying, another major event before boarding is the security screening. Whether your pet is traveling in the cabin with you, or is delivered in the cargo area of the plane, it always needs to be screened, together with the kennel. Both the pet and the kennel will be subjects of the same security screening people are, as a measure of security. If you’re flying on multiples airlines on one itinerary, the pets will be also transferred from one airline to another, same as your luggage.

    Airport Rules

    Before accepting the pets, most airlines need the health certificate which proves that the pet isn’t violent, ill or in other unfortunate conditions that might endanger the safety of the flight. Also, before the check-in, you can walk the pet using a leash to calm it before the security screening. Most airlines state that you are responsible for your pet’s well being before the actual flying, so make sure you feed the pet and hydrate it, but don’t make any excesses, as your pet might be feeling sick and exhausted during the flight.

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