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Adventure Destinations

Adventure tourism has gained more and more popularity, due to its major components which transform it into a real adventure, exactly what one might need when taking a vacation. Many people nowadays tend not to go on a relaxing, exotic trip, but to take it to the next level and explore all the possibilities.

There are many types of adventure travel, including ethno tourism (visiting different cultures and foreign locations), jungle tourism (traveling in the jungle regions), disaster tourism (traveling to a disaster area in different purposes), overland travel (an adventurous long journey including long distances, like from a continent to another), urban explorations (the un-seen parts of the cities or other urban areas).

When it comes to adventure destinations, there are many places in this world that worth being visited and enjoyed at their full potential. Depending on the climate, the geographical characteristics of the area or the country, and the person’s natural strength, lots of activities are available: surfing, rappelling waterfalls, climbing mountains, rafting etcetera.
Here are some suggestions regarding adventurous destinations one might consider when taking a vacation:

Costa Rica

Costa RicaThis country situated in the Central America, bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is the perfect and ultimate destination when taking a trip. When it comes to spending your vacations in the tropics, Costa Rica might just be the place.
It has dense forests and clear blue waters, so the options for the tourists are huge: hiking in the forests, mountain biking, exploring tropical reefs, sport fishing, kayaking, surfing, water rafting in wild rivers, golfing, backcountry exploring.

Costa Rica is the Promised Land for adventures, famous for its volcanoes, visited every year by a large number of tourists, but also for its long, wild incredibly blue waters.

South Africa

South AfricaSouth Africa enjoys the benefits of 2 major oceans in the world, the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a wonderful and mysterious country, which combines two major geographic criteria: sand and mountains.

This is the perfect, exotic place to start an adventure, alone or together with your friends, as the possibilities seem almost endless here. South Africa’s Western Cape, for example, is the place to go to tour by motorcycle. With excellent roads, this place offers unique sightseeing, beautiful landscapes and many scenic routes.

South Africa is also the land of safari, and it gets as wild as it can be. Air adventures in this country are very popular, diving among the sharks; anything is possible in this wild, beautiful country.

New Zealand

New ZealandThis wild, untouched country is a magical place to visit, with endless possibilities when it comes to adventure. Hard to imagine that an island can be the country of such many activities: air sports, land activities, water activities, wildlife encounters.

The land activities include off road driving adventures, abseiling/rappelling, bungee, Canyoning, caving, climbing, cycling and mountain biking, golf, heliskiing, horse treks, hunting, orienteering, skiing, snowboarding, and walking and trekking. The water is the perfect place to try boat cruises, kayaking in salt water or in fresh water, diving, fishing in salted or fresh water, jet boating, rafting, sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and parasailing.
And the air is the never-ending story of scenic flights, gliding, hot air ballooning, paragliding and hang gliding, and sky diving.

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